5 comments on “Abolish Dartford Crossing Tolls

  1. Just a thought about Dartford tolls – I don’t think there is a chance that they will abolosh this “cash-cow”. The major power cut a month or so ago showed them for the liars they are. The queues disappeared.

    …and for a Gov’t that loves to spout it’s Green credentials, those artificially long queues, stretching many miles, must cause so much polution.

    How about if we forced them (maybe by European legislation) to treat us all fairly?

    Institute tolls of the same value on every bridge and crossing over (or under) the River Thames, and by that I mean all the way to the source of the river. Reckon we’d then get a protest going

  2. The Government have wasted all the money from the Crossing on unrelated projects and the whole thing micro managed to the point of no understanding between the local residents and the Whitehall mandarins.

    The recent power cuts were an excellent example of how much better the traffic flows when the tolls are disabled.

    Environment or Money? Money wins every time with Gordon Brown, regardless of the impact on local business.

  3. Totaly agree with JB and Sarah.This lying cheating government need to be kicked out in the next election.tolls should have been scrapped years ago.Polution created with miles of traffic que,s cost to industries with delays.we should be more like the french and protest,PARK UP ON the bridge and PARK UP IN The tunnels and bring the country to a standstill which will cost the country millions with delays in Traffic getting to the ports at dover etc.

  4. Just spent 40 minutes in the queue – at 2pm on a Wednesday. Labour is destroying Britain. Vote the sh1ts out onto the street before it is too late.

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