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Who am I? Well, depending on who you ask you may get different responses. I would say I am first and foremost an image maker, a photographer, someone interested in photographing people.

Update: March 2013. Notified that two of my football images have been accepted for the Kent County Photographic Association’s Annual Exhibition in Maidstone, one received a “highly commended”, which is a really nice surprise. Looking forward to seeing them on display. Completed another 4-page advertising wrap for Dartford FC, as well as photographing many of their away games this first season in the Blue Square Premier, which has meant a lot of coach travel and early starts. Also been progressing with my foray into Photographic judging, both print and dpi, with the encouragement and mentoring of more experienced judges. So another 12 months has passed in a flash. Can’t believe how quickly its flown. Suddenly realised it was time for a new self-portrait, so did one quickly today. Desperately needing some Photoshop assistance to make things look acceptable when you only have natural light and a compact camera to achieve this.

Mothers Day 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Update: March 2012.  Received my copy of DIGIT from the Royal Photographic Society with the printed article about my projected image of Danny Harris’s Goal in the Back of the Net.  Nice.  Also recently completed a newspaper advertising ‘wrap’ design for Dartford Football Club which seemed to be well received.  And my daughter took an informal compact camera pic of me for Mother’s Day 2012. I learned that two of my  photos have been accepted for the KCPA Annual Exhibition, so that is six years on the trot.  I have also begun to judge Camera Club Photographic competitions – a big step forward.

Photodiva portrait 2012

Photodiva portrait 2012

Latest update: November 2011. I have been presented with a ‘Ribbon’ which is a special award, and was given by the Royal Photographic Society’s Digital Imaging Group for a shot I entered into their digital image competition. That was another ‘first’ for me, most gratifying. It was for a football shot taken from behind the goal. Additionally, I have taken my first steps to becoming a KCPA Judge at photographic events like club competitions. I love looking at photos, at other people’s creative vision, and its an honour to be allowed to give my views on their work. Its quite daunting having to mark them, but I love a challenge.

April 2011. I have just had 5 photos accepted to the Kent County Photographic Association’s annual exhibition in Maidstone, for the 5th consecutive year.  I am very pleased about that.  Images include portraits and sport.  I am also now a joint Vice President of my Photographic Club since the recent Annual General Meeting.  And one of my football pictures came a creditable second in a recent internal club competition. Earlier this year I went with the Football Club to a formal opening of a local branch of Wilkinsons.  A most bizarre experience, photographing players doing ‘keepy uppy’ near the lighting department in the store.  No disasters!  I feel I can look forward to an active and worthwhile year.


Photodiva on Mothers Day 2011

The main difference I’ve noticed is the advance of grey hairs!!

Time for an update: as of October 2010 I am a Licenced Football Photographer for the Blue Square South League.  So I can officially photo the games but not post the images on my website or blog – recently informed that I can post, so that is good news.  Most weeks since the start of the season I have had images published in the local newspaper. My images of the games get used in the Club’s programmes, on their posters, on a Taxi Banner advertising campaign, on a large portable backdrop for events and on a large full color A3 calendar.  I am also an official photographer for the Kent Association for the Blind, and as a volunteer, get to create images for the Association to help with their fundraising and publications.  That is most rewarding.  Currently there is an exhibition in Rochester Cathedral “Eyes Wide Open” which  includes some of the photos taken of the activity of the artists as well as their finished art works.  Its free, and worth a visit if you are in Rochester, Kent.

Additionally, I have an image published in the prestigious Royal Photographic Society Portfolio Two book, something of an achievement.  And, as well as participating in various inter-club photographic competitions, I have one image submitted to the KCPA Ross Cup that has been selected for ‘special comment’ by the judge.  Now that’s a first.  Out of some 256 entries, the judge picks a small number to comment on (hopefully in a positive way!) so I look forward to that event. 2010 has been a busy and successful year, and its not over yet!

I was awarded a Kent Messenger trophy for photojournalism at the Kent County Photographic Association Annual Exhibitions in Maidstone in May 2009.  I attained my ‘L’, or Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, no mean achievement.  I get a great creative buzz from photography, and enjoy being around creative, positive people.

I’ve become closely associated with some local sports clubs because I love the challenge of capturing the action and the emotion in sport.

I am also a teacher in the adult education world of Dreamweaver, Photoshop and of how to use your digital camera, amongst other things. Why? Because I enjoy it. Certainly not for the financial reward, which is nice but won’t buy me that yacht I can retire to.

Photodiva quick portrait

Photodiva quick portrait

Visit my website www.sportshotz.co.uk and http://www.photodiva.co.uk to see some more of my work.

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  1. Hi, Im just wondering if you have any more photos from the the charlton vets game againts kingsdale on the 8th may as i was playing for kingsdale and would to see more from the game?
    Many thanks Louie

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