Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

There’s a lot of noise in the photography world right now about the ‘trash the dress’ phenomenon. It started in the US (where else?) and there’s a growing interest in it here in the UK. What is it? Well, its an opportunity for brides (mainly) to re-use their wedding dress or posh frock in ‘alternative’ situations, which are usually locations totally at odds with where you would expect to find such a garment worn: derelict buildings, fountains, streams, woodland, for instance. The aim is to take a cue from the fashion industry and show elegant garments contrasted with inelegant backgrounds, to create a unique and unusual image, a chance to show the dress off and have fun.

Firstly, the term ‘trash the dress’ is a bit misleading. Only in pre-arranged circumstances is a wedding dress or a ball gown ruined to the degree its only fit for rags. Often it gets a bit muddy or wet but that’s about all. So, before you rush off to take your champagne stained dress to the cleaners after the honeymoon, take a moment to think whether you want to just suffocate that lovely material and trimmings in plastic in the loft for years to come or whether you want to let your hair down and do things in your dress that you wouldn’t have dreamed of before the ceremony and while you can still fit in it. I guarantee it will be fun.

I am just moving into this area of photography. For brides who have ‘ordinary’ wedding photos, why not contact me and we can talk about what sort of ‘trash’ you might want to have. Its fun. Its adventurous and it can involve the ‘groom’ too.

I made one shot from a photoshoot into almost a dramatic film still or paperback book cover type shot with a bit of deliberate post processing to make it more fantasy than reality.

Bridal trash the dress

Bridal trash the dress

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